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I will develop a marketing strategy|for you, which will bring sales 24/7

  • Certified Meta Performance-Based Media Buyer for E-Commerce  
  • Conversation Rate Optimization Expert
  • 10+ years experience in digital marketing and sales

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My Case Studies

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My Skills

I implement the tasks of marketing to your budget

Facebook Ads Expert

As a Discovery Commerce Meta ads specialist and Professional Media Buyer I realize that businesses need not likes and clicks but sales. That's why I prefer performance method which means using data from the website to control every step of visitor, gently leading him to become a client.

Google Search Ads Expert

As a certified Google Search Ads specialist I can use this tool to find warm or hot requests for business needs. I have skills to collect a huge semantic core of direct and close keywords in short terms. After collecting the keywords I can make relevant headlines and descriptions that will be attractive for clients.

Google Analytics Expert

As a certified Google Analytics Expert I understand how to analyse data and find the insights from the analytical reports, such as: audiences, behavior and the way they interacting with your resource. Using this data I can find the real patterns that will lead to conversion rate optimisation

Sales funnels Expert

I have a great experience in sales tunnels in Telegram, Viber, Vk.com and email. Expert user of such tools as Salebot.AI, Leeloo.AI, Smart Sender, GetCourse, Bitrix24 Marketing Tools and lots of other.


I can make a prototype for a conversional landing page or to make it myself in a constructors like Tilda.cc, Creatium.io, Wordpress, etc. Also I have a big experience in Opencart and  WooCommerce e-comm platforms. I've made more than 100 websites at all by myself.

Bitrix24 Partner

As a bitrix24 partner I have an "Integration" certification. But I quite good in making business processes and automatizations. While using Bitrix24 in my own businesses from 2015 I got a lot of experience in using this great CRM.

The process of working on your project


  • Checking the structure of the advertising campaigns
  • Checking budget distribution
  • Checking retargeting campaigns
  • Checking for the separation of warm and cold audiences.
  • Checking the CTR of ads (the amount of clicks on ads with moving to the website)
  • Reviewing the communication strategy.
  • Checking audience overlap rates in ad auctions and correlating frequency of impressions over the actions on the ad sets.
  • Analysing previous ad campaigns, why they were turned off or why they didn't scale, or why the price per result increased.


  • Checking content for mobile-friendly adaptation.
  • Evaluation of page loading speed for advertising.
  • Checking support for modern HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 technologies
  • Checking the tracking of all necessary events on the site


  • Analysis of advertising creatives from nearby competitors.
  • Analysis of competitors' websites.
  • Analysis of competitors' offers.
  • Analysis of goals and the amount of advertising campaigns of competitors
  • Analysis of retargeting campaigns of competitors
  • Comparison of the effectiveness of your site and competitors

Connecting the necessary integrations

  • CRM-system connection
  • Integrations with mailing services
  • Google Analytics
  • Meta (Facebook) Pixel
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Facebook Catalog

Recommendations for increasing site conversion
and attracting customers

  • Running A/B tests
  • Setting up multilending for relevant requests


  • Generate several theories that can be performed, within a test budget, to get enough data on which we will rely to realize your business goals.
  • Confirm the working theories and by reallocating the budget from less effective ad sets to more effective ones, determine the structure that will meet the KPIs

Duration of tests: B2C - from 2 weeks to 1 month | B2B - from one to two months


  • A communication strategy for acquisition and retention visitors.
  • A traffic map describing each stage of the client's journey to closing a deal.
  • Campaign structure for Acquisition and Retargeting.


  • Analysis. We discuss when to change the creatives and when to change the offer.
  • We analyse effective ineffective theories. Why it didn't work and what to do.
  • The analysis of creatives.
  • We compare performances with KPIs.
  • What conditions are necessary to move to scale.

Optimization and scaling

  • An important step in working with advertising activities, which allows you to increase the performance of campaigns and bring solid results for the business.
  • Move on to scaling by analyzing results and selecting the best strategies to meet business objectives in KPIs.

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About Me

I'm KIM ROMANOV, digital marketer


💪 Skilled in Market Research, Social Media, PPC Advertising, E-commerce and Strategic Planning.

My goals 📈
💪 You'll get a reliable social media marketing partner for your business with me.
🦾 I will work hard to provide the highest ROAS and the cheapest Purchases for your business.
👁  Every cent of your marketing budget will be spent effectively
🤝 Your marketing area is in good hands, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business

This is for You if… ✅
✅ You need a paid ads expert with PROVEN results within E-Commerce
✅ You want someone who is incredibly reliable and efficient
✅ You're someone who is easy to work with and knows what they want
✅ You're looking for a long-term partnership
✅ You're ready to trust me as your personal marketer

This is NOT for You If… ❌
❌ You want a cheap freelancer without real experience in your business
❌  You want to do things yourself as opposed to freeing up your time
❌  You are difficult to work with and focused on creating problems rather than coming up with solutions

To be honest - I fond of a digital marketing. I'm reading a lot of posts by this theme and a lot of books by this theme. I understand a truly value for business of a well-made communication with customers and I have a big pleasure to be part of it while making it for my own or my client's projects.

Some of my certifications

Kim Romanov is Meta Certified Discovery Commerce Specialist

Meta Certified Discovery Commerce Specialist

Kim Romanov is Meta Certified Media Buying Professional

Meta Certified Media Buying Professional

Kim Romanov is Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Kim Romanov is Apple Search Ads Certified Specialist

Apple Search Ads Certification Certificate

Kim Romanov is Google Search Ads Certified Specialist

Google Search Ads Certification

Google Analytics Individual Qualification for Kim Romanov

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Kim Romanov is Apple Search Ads Certified Specialist

Apple Search Ads Certification Certificate

My growth insights from Meta Partners Center

Qualifying Spend


Qualifying Placements

Kim Romanov growth insights from Meta Partners Center

What do clients say about my work?

STANISLAV ZELENSKYI, Legal Business Adviser for Investments and Work in Ukraine. zelenskyilaw.com

Kim is a very communicative and reliable person with strong marketer skills. Our company found him when we tried several other marketers and only Kim and his team made us a fantastic result in lead generation for our B2C business. My honest recommendations to Kim

Kateryna Zhabotynska, Attorney-at-law, Legal Advisor

Kim is the best facebook media buyer I've ever met! Great team, communicative and efficient. Three things I am looking forward in partners but haven't always had such luck. Will continue to work together on future projects. I've had a few bad experiences with other digital marketers but cooperation with Kim and his agency was the right choise

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