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Case Study

CrazyBox Exotic Fruit Boxes – Achieving ROAS 7.8X with Facebook Ads

Discover how investing $2,636 in Facebook & Instagram ads resulted in $20,575 profit for an exotic fruit box company through audience segmentation and retargeting.

ROAS: 7,80X

Ads Budget: $2636

Profit: $20,575

Purchases: 374


Learn how a targeted advertising strategy helped CrazyBox, an exotic fruit box company, to significantly reduce their cost per purchase and increase new orders on their website.

Average monthly budget for Meta Ads

$1000 - $1500 depending on the seasonality

crazybox 2

Company Overview:

CrazyBox offers a unique selection of exotic fruit boxes, delivering a taste of the tropics right to their customers’ doors. Their online store and Instagram page showcase the diverse and delicious fruits they offer.

Project Duration: 5 months.

Situation Analysis:

Prior to our involvement, CrazyBox was using a mixed audience for their advertising campaigns without any audience segmentation or retargeting efforts.

crazybox 4


The primary goal for CrazyBox was to reduce the cost per purchase and increase the number of new orders on their website.


We implemented audience segmentation and retargeting strategies to optimize ad performance.

crazybox 5


  • Divided audiences into segments (website visitors, cart interactions, Instagram interactions, and existing customers).
  • Selected appropriate creatives for each audience segment at each funnel stage.
  • Adjusted ad optimizations for each segment, using reach campaigns for existing customer base.
  • Tested various combinations of audience types and ad layouts, ultimately finding success with broad audiences.


Ad budget
$ 0
$ 0
crazybox 6
crazybox 7


By focusing on audience segmentation and retargeting, CrazyBox was able to significantly increase their sales and reduce their cost per purchase. The successful implementation of these strategies demonstrates the power of targeted digital marketing for small businesses.

An example of creatives:

crazybox 3
crazybox 5
crazybox 8
crazybox 9

Client’s feedback about Kim Romanov:

"Working with Kim Romanov and his team has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in digital marketing and audience segmentation helped us to dramatically increase sales and lower our advertising costs. They were professional, responsive, and attentive to our needs. We highly recommend their services to other small businesses looking to improve their online presence and grow their revenue.”
Crazybox CEO

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