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Case Study

Google Ads for Model Homes Building Company Earns $7.1M with ROAS of 776x

Hanson Builders’ Google Ads campaign generated $7.1M profit with an investment of $9,150. Learn how our digital marketing strategy increased conversions and ROI in this case study.

ROAS 776x

Ads Budget: $9,150

Profit: $7,100,000

8 Sales


Hanson Builders, a US-based building company, approached us to maximize their website conversions through contextual advertising on Google AdWords. Despite the niche’s low demand and high competition, we developed a digital marketing strategy to achieve our client’s goal and generate a higher ROI.

Average monthly budget for Google Ads


hansonbuilders 2

Company Overview:

Hanson Builders is a well-established building company in the US that provides model homes and quick move-in homes. Their website serves as a hub for interested clients to learn more about their services.

Duration of cooperation: Cooperating from may 2021 until July 2022

Situation Analysis:

Hanson Builders’ website was not getting enough traffic and conversions through organic search. Therefore, we proposed running Google Ads to drive more traffic to the website and generate more leads.


Our objective was to maximize conversions through contextual advertising on Google AdWords while staying within the allowable cost per conversion. Our team aimed to understand where to show ads, how to set them up correctly, and choose the optimal positioning to achieve great results.


To achieve our objectives, we developed a digital marketing strategy focused on contextual advertising. We set up segmentation by request hotness and collected nearly 400 keyword requests. Additionally, we found the target audience and developed a list of 2000 negative keywords to avoid irrelevant clicks.


  • We paid special attention to mobile bids, CTA ads, and extensions.
  • We added additional links with the company name keyword, clarifications, and a phone number.
  • We implemented a “search page target position” strategy and created ads according to the relevancy rule. Additionally, we added anti-click protection and connected Google Analytics to monitor website performance.
  • We created three variants of ads and tested them through A/B testing. One ad showed the best results, and we created another ad similar to the best-performing ad.

1st Month Results:

Total ad budget
$ 0
$ 0
hansonbuilders 3
hansonbuilders 4
$1 = 27 UAH
hansonbuilders 5
hansonbuilders 6
$1 = 27 UAH

6 Months Results:

Total ad budget
$ 0
$ 0

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