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Case Study

Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign Generates Impressive ROI for Jewelry & clothes store

Discover how a Facebook & Instagram Ads campaign helped The Very Thing, an e-commerce brand, increase sales and achieve a 12x return on investment. Learn from this successful digital marketing case study.

ROAS: 12x

Ads Budget: $1,067

Profit: $13,628

93 Purchases


In this case study, we showcase how an innovative advertising campaign utilizing Facebook and Instagram ads helped The Very Thing, an e-commerce brand selling jewelry and clothing, achieve impressive results with a small investment.

Average monthly budget for Meta Ads

$1,000 to $2,000 depending on the season

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Company Overview:

The Very Thing is an online store with a mission to create unique clothing, jewelry, and handbags that become essential classics in customers’ wardrobes. The brand has a strong online presence through their website ( and Instagram page (

Cooperated for 8 month.

Situation Analysis:

The company faced issues with their website due to CMS limitations, restricting their ability to collect data and use some advertising features. They needed to attract subscribers to their Instagram store, increase the flow of requests through the website, and create a sustainable sales funnel while working with the existing platform.

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  • Attract more subscribers to the Instagram store.
  • Increase the flow of requests through the website.
  • Create a more effective sales funnel.


The strategy involved creating a campaign structure for attraction and retargeting, focusing on Instagram as the main source of traffic and conversions. After analyzing past experiences, it was decided to allocate 70% of the budget to Instagram promotions and the remaining 30% to retargeting.

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The team worked with the limited capabilities of the website’s CMS, planning to move to another platform with better data collection support in the future. They created galleries and focused on top-selling items in various categories. They also engaged with the audience interacting with the Instagram page. The average monthly budget ranged from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the season.


Ads budget
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With an investment of $1,076, the campaign resulted in 93 sales, totaling $13,628 in revenue. The retargeting efforts alone generated more than 100 sales at a price per conversion of up to 1,000 rubles (depending on seasonality) and an average check of 8,000 rubles. This demonstrated the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.


The Very Thing’s successful Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign showcases the power of targeted digital marketing strategies in driving sales and achieving impressive returns on investment. Businesses can learn from this case study and adapt similar strategies to improve their own online presence and sales performance.

Client’s feedback about Kim Romanov:

"Kim Romanov's expertise in digital marketing has been invaluable for our business. Through his strategic approach and effective use of Facebook and Instagram Ads, we've seen significant growth in our sales and return on investment. We highly recommend Kim and his team to any business looking to optimize their digital marketing efforts and achieve tangible results.”
Founder & CEO

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