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Case Study

How Strategic Digital Marketing Skyrocketed Sales by 88% and ROAS to 2.94x in 1 Month

In this compelling case study, discover how our expert digital marketer used a tailored strategy to boost a 🇺🇸 Pet store’s revenue from $13,998 to an astonishing $32,307 in just one month

ROAS: 2,94x

Ads Budget: $16,584.42

Profit: $32,307

1561 Purchases


  • Learn the secrets behind the 88% sales increase, reduced cost per purchase, and the impressive 2.94x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Uncover the power of structured Facebook campaigns, influencer-driven UGC videos, email marketing, and price optimization to drive remarkable results.
  • Don’t miss out on the valuable insights that can supercharge your e-commerce Shopify store!

Average monthly budget for Meta Ads


pet store case 1
pet store case 2

Company Overview:

In a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, the USA-based Pet Store faced numerous challenges before enlisting the expertise of digital marketing strategist Kim Romanov.

With a narrow audience, stagnant sales figures, and an oversaturated ad strategy dominated by duplicate ad sets, the store was struggling to make its mark.

Cooperating from July 2023 until now


  1. Audience Narrowness and Duplication: The initial challenge was the difficulty in scaling sales due to a narrow target audience and the presence of constant duplicate ad sets. This led to inefficient spending and limited growth potential.

  2. Low Average Sales: The store was experiencing low average sales, indicating a need for strategies to increase the value of each customer’s purchase.

  3. High Cost Per Purchase: The cost per purchase was relatively high at $9.47, which was impacting profitability.

  4. Competitive Landscape: Understanding and effectively competing in the crowded pet store e-commerce market required competitive analysis and innovative approaches.

  5. Abandoned Carts: Cart abandonment was a missed opportunity for conversions and revenue.

  6. Pricing Strategy: The store’s pricing needed to be optimized to balance profitability and customer acquisition.


  1. Sales Scaling: Increase total monthly sales substantially, building on the initial success of achieving an 88% growth rate in one month.

  2. Cost Optimization: Continue to reduce the cost per purchase and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

  3. Audience Diversification: Broaden the target audience and reduce dependency on a narrow customer base.

  4. Average Order Value (AOV) Increase: Implement strategies to boost the average purchase value.

  5. Email Marketing Effectiveness: Enhance the performance of the email marketing campaigns, particularly in recovering abandoned carts and driving additional sales.

  6. Competitive Advantage: Maintain a competitive edge through innovative Facebook advertising creative and strategies.

  7. Pricing Strategy: Evaluate the 10% price increase’s impact on revenue and profitability, considering potential adjustments.

  8. Sustainability: Ensure that the growth achieved in the first month extends into the 3rd Quarter, maintaining a positive growth trajectory.

  9. Analysis and Reporting: Continuously monitor and analyze key performance metrics to adapt strategies as needed, ensuring long-term success.

Average monthly budget for Meta Ads


pet store case 5
Result before me
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Result before me


Ads budget
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In the first month of the digital marketing campaign for the USA-based Pet store, several key strategies were implemented:

  1. Facebook Ad Campaign Restructuring: The campaign began with a restructured approach within Facebook Ad Manager, improving campaign organization and targeting.

  2. Scaling Strategies: Both vertical and horizontal scaling techniques were applied to expand the reach and impact of the advertising efforts.

  3. Product Page Optimization: Product page tests were conducted to enhance the average order value (AOV) by encouraging customers to purchase more per transaction.

  4. User-Generated Content (UGC) Videos: Scripts were created for UGC videos, which were then produced by influencers to be used for advertising purposes, adding authenticity to the marketing efforts.

  5. Email Marketing Implementation: Klaviyo was utilized for email marketing, particularly for abandoned cart recovery, which helps capture potential lost sales.

  6. Competitor Analysis: A thorough competitive analysis was conducted, uncovering valuable insights and creative ideas for Facebook ad campaigns.

  7. Thank You Page Enhancements: Additional sales were generated by optimizing the thank you page, likely through upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

  8. Pricing Adjustment: Prices were increased by 10% on the store’s goods, which contributed to the overall revenue growth.

The results after this first month of strategic efforts were highly promising:

  • Total Sales: Increased from $13,998 to $32,307, marking an impressive 88% growth.
  • Total Orders: Surged from 732 to 1,561.7, representing an 81% increase.
  • Price per Purchase: Dropped from $9.47 to $8.87, indicating more cost-effective customer acquisition.
  • Total Spend: Amounted to $16,584.42, reflecting efficient allocation of ad budget.

These outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of the implemented strategies in rapidly boosting sales, increasing order volume, and improving the overall cost efficiency of the digital marketing efforts.

pet store case 7
Results in September
pet store case 8
Ads Results in September
pet store case 9
Comparison for Q3
pet store case 3
Klaviyo results in September 2023

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