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Case Study

Instagram Ads Generate 520 Sales and $7,800 Profit for Business Coach with $502 Ad Spend

See how Lyudmyla Kalabukha, a business coach from Ukraine, utilized Instagram ads to achieve a 15.53x ROAS and generate 520 sales for her info products with just a $502 advertising budget.

ROAS: 15,53x

Ads Budget: $502

Profit: $7,800

520 Purchases


💡 In today’s digital age, Instagram advertising has become a powerful tool for businesses to reach out to their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. In this case study, we will take a closer look at how Lyudmyla Kalabukha, a business coach from Ukraine, leveraged Instagram ads to generate sales for her info products and achieve an impressive ROAS of 15.53x.

Average monthly budget for Meta Ads

$600 - $1500 depending on launches

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Company Overview:

Lyudmyla Kalabukha is a business coach who offers online courses, webinars, and coaching sessions to help people start and grow their own businesses. Her primary focus is on helping entrepreneurs develop their sales and marketing skills to increase their revenue and achieve their business goals.

Duration of cooperation:

We have been working together for three years until today

Situation Analysis:

Lyudmyla’s main challenge was to attract subscribers to her Instagram blog, sell her info products through her website, launch a sales club, and run webinars. She also needed to actively engage with her audience on Instagram to increase her reach and attract new customers.


The primary objective was to generate sales for her info products through Instagram ads, attract new subscribers to her blog, and launch a sales club and webinars. Additionally, she aimed to increase engagement with her audience and build her personal brand.


To achieve her goals, Lyudmyla focused on targeting a warm audience with her launches rather than a cold audience. She launched sales of webinars, checklists, and lectures and increased her number of subscribers from 16k to 59k. She also utilized retargeting campaigns and promoted her personal brand to boost engagement.


Lyudmyla worked closely with a digital marketing expert named Kim Romanov to implement her Instagram advertising strategy. They set up a pixel and FB events on the website to track conversions and optimize their ad campaigns. They also launched a retargeting campaign to target people who had previously interacted with her Instagram account. The screenshot of a $15 checklist sales strategy for a warm audience and their own customer base shows their successful implementation of the plan.

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The screenshot shows a sales strategy for a small $15 checklist collection to a warm audience. The sales period was only 5 days. During those days we got 520 sales for $7,800


Ad budget per 5 days
$ 0
$ 0


In conclusion, Lyudmyla Kalabukha’s Instagram ads campaign was a resounding success, achieving all of her objectives and generating an impressive ROI. Her partnership with Kim Romanov, who provided invaluable digital marketing expertise, was instrumental in achieving these results.

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Campaign’s Results for Subscription at Sales Club

Client’s feedback about Kim Romanov:

"Working with Kim Romanov has been an incredible experience for my business. His expertise in digital marketing has helped me achieve my marketing goals and reach a wider audience through Instagram ads. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their coaching business to the next level."
Lyudmyla Kalabukha

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